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Chemistry infolab reagents and resources
Analytical Teaching Laboratory

Lab Tech 1 Chem Dept
UWI St. Augustine Trinidad


Chemistry-Infolab Pages

Contact Info-lab

Preparation of Reagents
Acid, base, ammonia
Laboratory reagents
Organic Reagents
pH Indicators
Volumetric analysis
AA Standards
Parts per million.
Buffer solutions
Analysis buffers
Spray reagents

Chemistry experiments
EM Spectrum
Laboratory safety
Laboratory waste
Aflatoxins disposal Peroxides in solvents
Drying with sodium wire
Laboratory Fires
Toxic Chemicals
Immiscible solvents
Incompatible chemicals
Drying agents
Laboratory tubing
laboratory plasticware
Cleaning plasticware
Water contaminants
Seawater composition
Mercury spills
Metric conversions
Standard sieves

Instrument info
Gas chromatography
GC Stationary phases
GC Detectors
GC Troubleshooting
HPLC Troubleshooting
HPLC dirty columns
HPLC column frits
Ion Selective Electrode
pH Combination electrode
AA Spectrophotometer
Flameless AA
AA Interferences
Kjeldahl Apparatus

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