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The C30F Labguides

An overview of all the experiments done in the analytical teaching laboratory

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These pages give an overview of all the analytical experiments done in the C30F and C31F teaching lab.
An effort has been made to simplify certain aspects of the laboratory experiments which include
helpful hints, sample size and type, and some analytical notes for each experiment.
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Expt. 1  Complexation and Atomic Absorption
Determintion of Zinc by EDTA and AA spestroscopy

Expt. 2  :UV / VIS spectrophotometry
Determination of iron in tablets by UV absorbance

Expt.3  Kjeldahl Automatic Titrator
Determination of Nitrogen content in samples

Expt.4  Flow Injection Analysis (FIA)
Determination of phosphate in sample

Expt.5  Flow Injection Batch Analysis (FIA)
Determination of phosphate by rapid flow injection

Expt.6  Thin Layer Chromatography
Analysis of analgesic mixture by TLC and detection by
UV / VIS spectrophotometry

Expt.7  Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)
Determination of fluoride using the Fluoride combination electrode

Expt.8  Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)
Determination of chloride using the Chloride combination electrode

Expt.9  Gas Chromatography
Determination of Alcohols; analysis of an unknown spirit sample

Expt.10  Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Determination of Quinine in commercial soft drinks

Expt.11  Atomic Absorption; metals in the environment
Determination of Pb, Cu, and Zn, in roadside dust samples

Expt.12  Atomic Absorption: Pb in paints
Determination of Pb in paint scrapings

Expt.13  Flame Emission Spectroscopy (FES) Flame Photometry
Determination of sodium: factors affecting analysis

Paper Chromatography (PC)
Determination of selected cations