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Experiments Overview

Fluorescence spectroscopy
Determination of quinine in beverages

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Fluorescence spectrophotometer and Fluorescence software.

Vol. flasks 100ml; micro burettes 5ml or 10ml; burettes 50ml; pipette 5ml grad.

Purchase bottle of commercial Tonic Water. Dilution is 1 : 50

Quinine sulphate monohydrate, 90%, FW = 764.95
Sulphuric acid H2SO4

Solutions preparation:

1. Quinine sulphate std: 10mg / liter. Dissolve 0.01g in 1 liter distilled water.
2. 0.2N H2SO4 = 0.1M = 5.6 mls in 1liter water.

Analytical notes:

1. Dilute Tonic Water: 1 ml to 50ml volume.
Add 0.5 ml of diluted tonic water to 25.5 ml of 0.2N H2SO4 in a 50 ml vol. flask and make up to the mark with deionized water.

Operation of Instrument:

Follow User Guide: obtain help and advice from Demonstrator or Technician

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